LOST IN FRENCHLATION at Cinéma de Beaulieu

BOLERO with English subtitles

Thursday, April 18th, 3pm followed by tea time + 8pm preceded by prosecco time

Jeudi 18 avril 15h et 20h

Boléro” directed by Anne Fontaine (2h 00min ) 


“Paris, the Roaring Twenties. Choreographer Ida Rubinstein chooses Maurice Ravel to compose the music for her next ballet. She wants something bold, something sensual. Well known and established, Ravel finds himself unable to write anything. Reliving his memories, facing his old loves and failures, the composer will give birth to his greatest success ever: the Bolero.” – Synopsis

Every 15 minutes, according to a title at the end of director Anne Fontaine‘s latest film, someone on earth plays Maurice Ravel’s “Boléro.” Some impressionistic structuring, and a calmly charismatic performance from Raphaël Personnaz, elevate Anne Fontaine’s absorbing biopic of Maurice Ravel. – Variety

Watch the trailer with English subtitles: https://youtu.be/Iodered7IbQ?si=_NjyLIBF6snuTuYF

What is Lost in Frenchlation?

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