🎞️FILM: “Marcello Mio” directed by Christophe Honoré (2h 1min ) 

🎬DATE & TIME: Thursday, June 13th, 3pm followed by tea time + 8pm preceded by prosecco time



“Chiara Mastroianni, surrounded on all sides by the figure of her father, decides to bring him back to life through her. She calls herself Marcello, dresses like him and wants to be considered an actor from now on. Around her, people believe it’s a temporary joke, but Chiara is determined not to abandon her new identity…” – Synopsis

“By turns flippant and poetic, demystifying and just a touch reverent, the film thrives on whole-hearted collaboration from Deneuve and the other luminaries playing themselves. It even explores some uncomfortable territory, not least Marcello’s reputation as a Don Juan – with Deneuve singing a tender lament, composed by Alex Beaupain, about the pains of their relationship. The subplot with the soldier – inspired, as someone points out, by Luchino Visconti’s film White Nights – fits oddly into the whole, but coheres with Honoré’s long-running themes of gender fluidity and the vagaries of desire.” – Screen Daily 

Watch the trailer with English subtitles: https://youtu.be/WIZWZ-9aGD4

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